Viper sling shot – camoflage

Viper sling shot – camoflage


The Viper S1 slingshot

Perfect for outdoor pursuits, such as target shooting, camping, and fishing.
Slingshots have been used to great effect for thousands of years and now made with modern materials, this slingshot is stronger, weatherproof and very durable.
With just a little practice, the viper can be used with stunning power and amazing accuracy. and can be carried in even the smallest pocket or bag.
Each viper s1 is hand crafted in the UK

Super lightweight
keep it in your pocket, bag or glove box
Made in the UK
Easy to use
comes with full instructions
Fully adjustable

RRP: £25.00
slings of this quality can cost $50 or more in the USA


blue parachord slingshot.

hand made

David and goliath shepperd sling

rock thrower

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